About Hafsa Javed

A young and accomplished photographer and visual artist hailing from the vibrant city of Karachi, Pakistan. With a passion for capturing the beauty and diversity of Pakistan and its people, Hafsa has established herself as a notable talent in the world of photography.

Starting out as a fine artist, Hafsa honed her skills in composition, color theory, and storytelling – all of which have become hallmarks in her work of photography. Her ability to convey emotion and tell a story through her art is evident in her stunning portraits and street photography.

What makes Hafsa’s work even more remarkable is the fact that she fearlessly pursues her craft as a woman living in the subcontinent. Despite the additional challenges and obstacles she may face, she continues to produce exceptional work that celebrates the beauty and resilience of Pakistan and its people.
As an award-winning photographer, Hafsa’s talent and dedication have been recognized and celebrated by the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art), Berlin based Photo agency ‘Imago’ & also by several local publications like Naunhel, Mashion, Minute Mirror etc.

Her work serves as a testament to the power of art to connect people and promote understanding across cultures.



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